van halen – panama (acoustic)

Panama (acoustic) — Van Halen

There is a good chance that you are already a huge Van Halen fan. But there’s also a chance that you just see them as another cheesy 80’s hair-metal band.

If that latter is the case, I will forgive you. It sucks to be you, but we all have unfortunate shortcomings.


But if you do love Van Halen, perhaps while listening to this track you will come to realize that these guys aren’t just the Rock Gods that they were almost forced to be by the unstoppable train we call ‘The 80’s’.


In actual fact it turns out that they may all be slightly autistic musical geek / savants.

If, by chance, this is the conclusion that you have come to just now, I totally agree with you! This new perspective explains a lot about this band. And perhaps now you love them even more — as do I — for being who they are.

Wikipedia Says:A Different Kind of Truth was released on February 7, 2012, in both a regular CD and a deluxe version containing a bonus DVD called The Downtown Sessions, which contains acoustic versions of “Panama”, “You and Your Blues” and “Beautiful Girls”. The band also performed “You Really Got Me” in this acoustic session however that was left off the DVD and later released via Youtube.”


album Downtown Sessions
released 2015