tom waits – filipino box spring hog

filipino box spring hog — tom waits

i know that tom waits has a wife named kathleen. and kathleen shares co-writing credits on some of wait’s songs.


there you go. now you know everything that i know about tom waits.


i don’t know where he’s from and i don’t know where he lives. all i know is his music. and i’m not going to link to his wikipedia page because, frankly, i don’t give a damn.


why would i want to know about the man when i can know him by his persona?!


i did find myself wondering what the hell he’s going on about in this song. someone over at urban dictionary makes the following claim…


A full hog cooked in this backyard fashion:

Build a big fire, throw a box spring on it until it’s burnt off everything but the steel springs, put a hog over the springs above the coals, sauce it with a broom, flip it over every now and then.

Dig a big pit in a dirt alley road
Fill it with madrone and bay
Stinks like hell
And the neighbors complain
Don’t give a hoot what they say
Slap that hog
Gotta roll em over twice
Baste him with a sweeping broom
You gotta swat them flies
And chain up the dogs
Cookin up a Filipino Box Spring Hog


see what i mean?! i’m quite sure that dinner at tom’s house is never as interesting as it is in my imagination.


album Mule Variations
released 1999